What People Are Saying About Prosperity Plus


I felt so inspired! I learned so much for this program that as soon as it ended, I immediately signed up again. I had a huge breakthrough. I've been working on a project for over 20 years. This course gave me what I needed to finally finished the project and bring my dream to the world.

Jay Gaysee
Ojai, CA


I want to take this opportunity to share with you how I have changed my life since I took Prosperity Plus a New Way of Living at Mary Beth and Michael Speer's church in September 2009.

One month after your Life Mastery Consultant boot camp I moved into my home that has many aspects of my "Dream Home". A huge step closer to my "Dream Home and I love it!

I accepted a promotion at work that gives me challenging responsibilities in a different department. Plus an increase of salary $12,000.00 plus. That gives me peace of mind to do what I really love doing with my skills and talents with out concern for my basic financial needs.

And, most important! My relationships with my children are now HARMONIOUS and I am so very grateful! When I began Prosperity Plus our relationships were difficult.....And I am so very grateful.

Thank you, Mary, for being who you are for me! Your work has made a huge difference in my life and it is only the beginning!!!! I have my whole life to look forward to.

Anna Rubio


As a facilitator, I want to share my own personal gratitude for the privilege of facilitating the class. Your program and the way you constructed it was the most powerful I have experienced, and I have facilitated many, many different prosperity classes over the last ten years.

The blessings overflowed from the amazing manifestations of the students and the many life changing events that occurred during that 10 weeks.

Prosperity Plus certainly took my life and my prosperity to another level of consciousness and success.

I will definitely be teaching Prosperity Plus again, this year, at Unity Church of Christianity, Houston.

Thank you for blessing us all,
Reverend Farolyn Mann
Associate Minister
Unity Church of Christianity
Houston, Texas


What I think of it is that it is probably one of the best [courses] that has been presented in recent years.

It's incredibly informative and it includes so much more than just prosperity.

Through Mary's wonderful wisdom and the way in which she presents the material, the audience is completely engaged. Watching something and listening to something and then re-listening to it through the cds is really a stellar way of doing this [program].

Rev. Maureen Hoyt
Center For Spiritual Living
Grenada Hills, CA


What a great experience, I have enjoyed every minute. What a plus to have the CD's to listen to. I had a "God Experience"...I lost my fear of Lack.

Kaye Bowman